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Where i've been! ~ 11/1/2010

Helloooooo again sailors! :)

Did you miss me?? It's been a while, but i promise i have good reason!

See, i've stumbled upon this incredible case -- something that, i think, goes way deeper than anything i've posted about before.
It's exactly what i've been looking for! I've been researching it non-stop, day and night, compiling EVERYTHING i can find on the subject. And let me tell you, there's a lot! :D

I'm so sorry for keeping you in the dark for so long. I know you guys love this stuff just as much as i do. The paranormal, the inexplicable, the unknown -- that's our THING! Mystery is the spice of life!
To be honest, i was going to update about it a LONG time ago, but at that point I was still having trouble scraping up any information on the thing. Guys, all of this stuff is CRAZY encrypted, you have no idea. And i thought i was good at computers. xD

Luckily for me, someone came to my rescue. She's a first-hand witness, someone who's apparently had some close ties to some important organizations. Her skill at digging stuff up is INCREDIBLE -- to be honest, i'm a little jealous.
She has access to this site now, too, so we can work together to get stuff done even faster! Say hi NC :)


Consider her my First Mate in this investigation. She's been essential in uncovering so many of these documents and i really couldn't have done any of this without her. With her help, we've made great progress, and i finally feel ready to show the world what we've uncovered so far!

you flatter me.

I know, i know, sailors -- you want me to stop being so vague and get to the investigation already. It won't be here, though! Due to the sheer expansiveness of this case, it didn't feel right to squeeze it all into a blog post.
That's why i've created a special section specificially for this purpose! Something like a Captain's Log, where you can read through everything we've uncovered chronologically!

Here's the link!

Uh, it's kind of embarassing at first. Like i've already said, i was pretty clueless before NC's help. A lot of the beginning pages are just me blundering around.
But i promise it gets better..! I've got a real treat for you guys this time -- fully decrypted webpages, chatlogs, the works! It's insane. Can you tell i'm excited???

If this rabbit hole goes as deep as i think it does, expect the blog to be quiet for a while. But i'm not leaving you guys again! Every time i'm able, me and NC be updating the investigation page with new info! So keep refreshing and check up daily!!
I hope you guys love this as much as i do.

May you have fair winds and following seas,
Reef  :)


Omg omg omg... something BIG is in the works!! I can't tell you much about it now because it's not done yet, but keep an eye on the site!
And... unrelated... i hope you get a good night's sleep today. You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm ;).

May you have fair winds and following seas,
Extremely excited Reef!!!!